Becoming You

Get ready for a fascinating journey through the first 2000 days of life with the Apple TV documentary, Becoming You. This six-part series explores the ways in which the first five years shape every aspect of who we are, from our personalities to our social skills and beyond. Through stunning visuals and captivating stories from children around the world, viewers will gain a newfound understanding of the incredible journey that is human development. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, or simply someone interested in what makes us who we are, Becoming You is a must-see, enlightening, entertaining documentary


1- Who Am I?

A journey of discovery to find out how children evolve their identities from a blank canvas.

2- Moving

Following the remarkable transformation of helpless newborns into children, able to move their bodies like no other animal on the planet.

3- Making Friends

An exploration of how children build relationships, from first bonds to true friendships.

4- Feeling

Gaining a deeper understanding of how children learn about emotions, as well as the ability to control them by age five.

5- Talking

From a newborn’s first cry to pointing, babbling and speaking, how children, including deaf children, learn to communicate.

6- Thinking

Following every step of the journey as children learn to use their brains to solve problems and invent fantasy worlds.