The Formula to Get 42 Billion Digits of π

The Formula to Get 42 Billion Digits of π

While writing “7 Utterly Well-written Math Books About Pi,” I found a very interesting math formula that will give you 42 consecutive digits of π accurately but is still wrong.

The study of numbers has fascinated mathematicians for centuries. One of the most fascinating numbers is π, which has infinite digits and has been the subject of many attempts to calculate it accurately. In 1999, Prof. Thomas Osler from Rowan University made a remarkable discovery when he found a formula that could calculate the first 42 billion digits of π with stunning accuracy! This was a monumental achievement in the field of mathematics. However, Osler also discovered that his formula would produce incorrect results once it went beyond the 43 billionth digit.

Calculating 100 Trillion Digits of Pi on Google Cloud

Calculating 100 Trillion Digits of Pi on Google Cloud
Calculating 100 Trillion Digits of Pi on Google Cloud

The complexities of π continue to baffle mathematicians worldwide and drive them toward new discoveries and breakthroughs. In 2022, Emma Haruka Iwao and her team made an extraordinary contribution to the world of mathematics by calculating 100 trillion digits of pi on Google Cloud.

As one of the oldest and most well-known mathematical constants, pi has preoccupied the minds of scientists and enthusiasts for centuries. The feat Iwao and her team accomplished is a testament to the power and potential of modern technology, and their accomplishment lays a foundation for further progress in mathematics. Thanks to their impressive achievement, we may unlock the secrets hidden within Pi’s infinite, enigmatic digits.

But why the mathematical constant pi is so extraordinary?

History of π computation from ancient times through today
History of π computation from ancient times through today. You can see that we’re adding digits of π exponentially, thanks to computers getting exponentially faster.

In the vast landscape of mathematics, few constants can claim the uniqueness and significance of pi. This simple but infinitely complex number is more than just the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter; it’s a cornerstone of geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and countless other branches of math. The digits of pi go on and on, never repeating in any discernible pattern, leading to a sense of mystery and fascination that has captivated mathematicians for centuries.

The fact that pi is irrational makes it infinitely interesting, as it cannot be expressed as a finite or repeating decimal. Despite its elusive nature, pi has proven to be an essential tool for solving difficult equations and revealing the fundamental workings of the universe. It’s no wonder Pi occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of mathematicians everywhere.

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