Victor Bryant

There has been a revolution in mathematics education in recent years in schools. Students worldwide anticipate that the subject will be highly engaging, pertinent, and useful. When such students enter higher education, the typical development of analysis, which is frequently disconnected from the calculus they mastered in school, appears wildly out of place. Every step in a first course in analysis ought to come naturally from the student’s knowledge of functions and calculus from their academic careers. Furthermore, shouldn’t such a course seize every chance to reinforce and expand the student’s fundamental functional knowledge? The author of Yet Another Introduction to Analysis guides readers through the key concepts of genuine analysis in a clear and compelling manner. It is introduced only when a concept’s need has become apparent and after it has been used informally. New concepts are tied to typical math curriculum topics when appropriate and are utilized to deepen the reader’s grasp of those topics. The reader is carefully guided through each stage in this book so that they can soon predict the next step on their own. Students will benefit from analysis in this way by both understandings it and enjoying it.