Chaos and Fractals: An Elementary Introduction

David P. Feldman

“Without assuming a prior knowledge of calculus or physics, this book gives the reader a basic introduction to chaos and fractals that is appropriate for students with a background in simple algebra. The main characteristics of chaos are introduced through straightforward iterated functions, including aperiodicity, sensitive dependency on beginning circumstances, and bifurcations. The concept of fractals is introduced as self-similar geometric objects, and the dimensions of self-similarity and box-counting are used to examine them. In the chapters that follow, Julia Sets and the Mandelbrot Set are explored. Power laws are briefly discussed first. The book’s final section explores cellular automata, unusual attractors, chaotic differential equations, and two-dimensional dynamical systems.

Over 200 end-of-chapter tasks are included, and the book is lavishly illustrated. It is a wonderful option for introductory courses in chaos and fractals because of its adaptable framework and concise, straightforward writing.”