Frances Hodgson Burnett

When Mary Lennox, who her parents have abandoned, moves to her uncle’s big house on the Yorkshire Moors, she discovers that it is full of secrets. The mansion has almost 100 rooms, and her uncle locks himself in one of them. At night, she hears crying from one of the long hallways. Mary’s only way out of the big house is through the surrounding gardens. Then, Mary finds a secret, locked garden with no key and surrounded by walls. One day, she finds a way in with the help of two people she didn’t expect. Is everything dead in the garden, or can Mary make it all come back to life?

The Secret Garden is one of children’s literature’s most charming and enduring classics. Since it first came out, it has been a firm favorite with kids worldwide. In 1910, it was published as a series of short stories in The American Magazine. In 1911, it came out as a book.