Bernadette Pourquie

“Strange Trees: And the Stories Behind Them” is a perfect book! This beautifully illustrated collection of bizarre but real trees from around the world will take you on a journey through some of nature’s most peculiar creations. From trees with horns to ones that walk or even explode, this book has it all.

The first tree in this book is none other than the famous Strangler Tree. Found mostly in tropical regions, these trees start their lives as epiphytes or air plants that grow on another tree. As they mature, they send down roots that gradually envelop their host tree until it dies off completely. The strangler tree then stands erect, hollowed out by its own root system.

Another intriguing species featured in this book is the Bubblegum Tree. These trees are native to Central America and produce a red sap that locals chew like gum. The sap also has medicinal properties and is used to treat various ailments such as stomach ulcers and respiratory infections.

Moving on from there, we have the Upside-Down Tree from Australia. As its name suggests, this tree looks like it’s been planted upside-down with its roots pointing skyward. It grows in sandy soil where water is scarce and has adapted by developing an extensive root system that can reach up to 50 meters deep into the ground.

In addition to these bizarre trees, there are plenty more in Strange Trees: And the Stories Behind Them worth mentioning such as Bottle Trees from Africa which store water in their swollen trunk to survive droughts; Sausage Trees from Madagascar which produce long pods resembling sausages; and Dragon Trees from the Canary Islands which have a blood-red sap that was once used as a dye.

In conclusion, “Strange Trees: And the Stories Behind Them” is an excellent book for anyone interested in learning about the marvels of nature. The illustrations are colorful and engaging, and the stories behind each tree are fascinating. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or just looking for something different to read, this book is definitely worth checking out.