Henri Poincare

Discover the timeless brilliance of Science and Hypothesis, a renowned text in the history and philosophy of science. Now, in this first new translation in over a century, experience unpublished material that was missing from previous editions.

This updated version addresses errors made in earlier translations, giving you a clearer understanding of Poincaré’s ideas and arguments on the role of hypotheses in math and science. With a modernized approach, Poincaré’s original meaning shines through, while David J. Stump’s introduction offers fresh insights into Poincaré’s philosophy of science.

Delve into Poincaré’s hierarchy of the sciences, from arithmetic as the foundation, to geometry as the science of space, to mechanics and the rest of physics. This indispensable translation is a must-read for philosophers of science and scientists grappling with the mysteries of space, time, and relativity. Experience the work that proves why Poincaré’s influence remains relevant to this day.