Russell Stannard

When you travel quickly, time slows down, space constricts, and you gain weight. If you move quickly enough, you may reach jumbo jet weight, become flattened and smaller than a CD, and live forever! It’s not necessary for a triangle’s angles to add up to 180 degrees. Naturally, there are also black holes. These are only a few of the amazing effects of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Despite the fact that Einstein made these discoveries more than a century ago, the general public is still largely ignorant of them. This book seeks to introduce the interested layperson to the topic of relativity in a way that is both approachable and interesting and, at the same time, academically rigorous. It is full of intriguing tales and exciting accounts of experiments. This VSI crams a lot of information into a small amount of space and uses only a few equations, none more difficult than the Pythagoras Theorem. For anyone who has been intimidated by Einstein’s revolutionary theory, it provides the ideal place to start