Ignacio Palacios-Huerta

“Numerous studies conducted in recent years have shown that the economic theory of human behavior may now be applied to many domains that were previously thought to be the purview of sociology, political science, law, and other disciplines. Research has also demonstrated that economics can provide light on a variety of sports-related topics, including soccer. The first book, Beautiful Game Theory, uses soccer to test economic hypotheses and examine cutting-edge human behavior.

Ignacio Palacios-Huerta brilliantly and entertainingly explains economics using this book’s most well-liked sport in the world. He discusses issues including mixed strategies, discrimination, incentives, and human preferences while providing original and frequently unexpected insights into game theory and microeconomics. He also studies experimental, behavioral, neuroeconomic, and financial economics. Soccer offers a wealth of venues and data sets that illuminate basic economic concepts in enlightening and practical ways.

The first book to demonstrate what soccer can accomplish for economics is Beautiful Game Theory, which is required reading for students, scholars, and sports fans.”