Discover the mind-bending world of quantum “reality” in this captivating book by Nick Herbert. While many focus on quantum theory, Herbert emphasizes the distinction between theory and reality.

Curious about the Bell Theorem? Look no further! Herbert takes readers on a journey, building a foundation of understanding before delving into this famous theorem. Through a simple experiment called the Blue, Green experiment, he demonstrates how rotating a photon detector can influence the results thousands of miles away.

This groundbreaking discovery, predicted by quantum theory, challenges the limits of our understanding. Physicists have struggled to accept the implications of the Bell Theorem, resorting to alternate explanations and ignoring its profound significance. Herbert candidly explores these attempts and reveals the inadequacy of the disturbance model.

Accessible to both scientists and laymen alike, Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics provides a clear and concise exposition of the Bell Theorem. A must-have addition to any library!