Adam Becker

Discover the captivating history of quantum physics and why the Copenhagen interpretation has stood the test of time in What is Real? This compelling book is a must-read not only for professional physicists, but for anyone interested in the fascinating world of science.

With a solid overview of quantum theory and its various interpretations, What is Real? also delves into the sociological history of the field, offering insights from both European and American perspectives. Here, you’ll learn about the science itself, the practice of scientific inquiry, and the philosophy of science.

Author Becker emphasizes the collaborative nature of science, shedding light on the obstacles of human pettiness, political bias, and hyper-specialization that can hinder progress. However, this is not an attack on science by any means. Becker distinguishes between healthy criticism within the scientific community and the dangerous territory of anti-science movements like creationism or climate change denial.

Sprinkled with fascinating anecdotes and stories about the scientists and the historical context, What is Real? remains focused on the bigger questions it seeks to answer. It offers a diverse and interdisciplinary exploration of the practice of 20th century physics, highlighting the remarkable progress made in a short span of time.

Accessible to all readers, no prior knowledge of quantum theory is necessary. Becker presents the concepts in an engaging manner, free of complex math, and his writing is smooth and focused. Prepare to be entertained and enthralled by this page-turner of a popular science book.