Perfect Square

Michael Hall

“A book that implores reams of colored paper, rooms full of imaginative hands, and a great deal of clapping and giggling,” said one reviewer. —From the Washington Post

This picture book, written and illustrated by Michael Hall, the New York Times best-selling author of My Heart Is Like a Zoo and Red: A Crayon’s Story encourages creativity and resiliency through the story of a brightly colored square. The book features striking illustrations. When it comes to encouraging kids to think creatively and imaginatively, Perfect Square is the ideal choice. Young readers will gain knowledge of the days of the week, the colors of the rainbow, and the ability to persevere through difficult feelings.

Michael Hall illustrates in a brilliant and innovative collage artwork how a happy square transforms itself after facing one challenge after another. Michael Hall created the artwork. Slashed into pieces and pierced with numerous holes? It’s time to turn yourself into a bubbling fountain! Fragments all over the place? Develop into a beautiful garden! Every single day, the square reimagines itself, going from being simple and perfect to being complex and perfect… and remaining cheerful throughout the process.

“A concept book that is nearly perfect… a book that should be revisited frequently and with great pleasure.”

—The Book of Horns

The Chicago Tribune states, “Pages are lusciously intense as we watch versatility trump geometry.” [citation needed]”