Eric Broug

“The most famous visual representation of Islamic art and architecture, the wonders of Islamic patterns, are not just a pretty accident. The early masters of this art employed conventional measurement techniques to produce stunning geometric compositions, frequently centered on the repetition of a single motif. The outcomes are breathtakingly beautiful and breathtakingly well-executed.

Now that this book is available, anyone may learn how to master this age-old skill and produce elaborate designs of their own or recreate famous examples. A pencil, a ruler, a compass, and a steady hand are all that is required. Technical hints first show the fundamentals, such as how to draw a square, hexagon, or pentagon. The best geometric patterns from around the world are then presented, categorized into three levels of complexity, with detailed, step-by-step instructions.

The book includes geometric patterns from some of the most well-known and exquisite works of Islamic architecture and art, such as those found in the La Mezquita in Cordoba, the Capella Palatina in Sicily, the Mustansiriya Madrasa in Baghdad, the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus, the Mosque of al-Salih Tala’i in Cairo, and the Rashid al-Din Koran. Two hundred ninety or more illustrations.”