Lines and Curves: A Practical Geometry Handbook

If you are searching for a practical geometry handbook, look no further than “Lines and Curves” by Victor Gutenmacher. This book is an essential resource for undergraduate teachers, students, and engineers who are seeking concise descriptions of planar curves from various perspectives. Moreover, the book serves as an essential handbook for software engineers, who can use its mathematical notation, descriptions of properties of lines and curves, and illustration of geometric concepts to create computer graphics tools and computer animation.

In addition, the book also has a special chapter dedicated to “Geometry on the Web,” which provides an informal tutorial resource for readers to enhance their understanding of geometry. This book is highly recommended as a supplementary text for undergraduate and advanced high school geometry courses. Whether you’re a video game designer seeking guidance on trajectory design concepts or a student looking to deepen your understanding of geometry, “Lines and Curves” is truly a must-read!