David Morin

Introduction to Classical Mechanics covers all the traditional beginning topics in classical mechanics, including planetary motion, special relativity, Newton’s laws, oscillations, energy, momentum, and angular momentum. In addition, it delves into more complex subjects, including general relativity, fictitious forces, gyroscopic motion, normal modes, and the Lagrangian approach. It includes over 250 problems, each followed by a comprehensive solution, allowing students to test and improve their grasp of the material readily. There are also over 350 activities that have not been completed, all of which are suitable for use as homework.

Based on the sheer volume of problems it contains, this book is perfectly suited to serve as a supplementary text for any level of undergraduate physics courses that focus on classical mechanics. It is comprehensively illustrated with more than 600 illustrations to assist in the demonstration of essential concepts, and it contains remarks that are dispersed throughout the text that highlight subjects frequently skipped over in other textbooks.