Olivia Cosneau

“These are the few activity books that can compete with the inventive, knowledge-packed text and gorgeous artwork. Kids will be ready to go mad with the alluring glossy stickers once they’ve absorbed a few facts. Review of a New York Times book

Learn about the marvels of forest life! How can you determine a tree’s age? How do autumn leaves that have fallen protect roots? How quickly does bamboo expand? Little nature lovers will discover the answers to these questions and many more as they color, draw, and sticker their way through the forest.

Activities for young nature lovers that are interactive. Young brains are captured by beautiful drawings that mix enjoyable activities with fascinating knowledge. Discover several types of forests, from mangrove swamps to tropical forests that remain green all year, by sticking acorns and beechnuts on oak and beech trees, drawing and coloring fiddleheads on the forest floor in the spring, and more.”