Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician’s Journey Through Symmetry

Marcus du Sautoy

“This new book by the author of “The Music of the Primes,” tells the tale of one of mathematics’ greatest quests for symmetry while also providing an intimate look inside the mind of a practicing mathematician.

This is the tale of how humanity came to comprehend the strange world of symmetry, a concept that has profound implications for how we perceive the world.

The sphere, the swastika, the pyramid, and the pentagon are just a few examples of symmetrical objects that catch our attention. Symmetry denotes a dynamic relationship or connection between objects, and it is pervasive: in chemistry and physics, the concept of symmetry explains the structure of crystals or the theory of fundamental particles; in evolutionary biology, the natural world exploits symmetry in the struggle for survival; symmetry and the breaking of symmetry are central to ideas in art, architecture, and music; the mathematics of symmetry is even exploited in industry, for example, to create a more efficient manufacturing process;

This book details Marcus du Sautoy’s personal quest to master one of the most fundamental and elusive concepts and to highlight the complexity and beauty of the world around us. Marcus du Sautoy constantly strives to push his own limits in order to find ways to share the excitement of mathematics with a wider audience.”