A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics

Martin Liebeck

“The second edition of A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics, which expands on fundamental concepts in ways that will pique the interest of first-year students in mathematics and related fields and encourage further study, acts as a solid transitional text between high school and university mathematics. This textbook, which is broken up into 22 brief chapters, provides a variety of tasks, from simple math questions to more difficult ones.

Actual and complex numbers are discussed, and the author demonstrates how to use these ideas to address issues in the real world. He provides an introduction to concepts in number theory, geometry, analysis, and combinatorics.

What’s New in the Second Edition: Added information on prime numbers, which serve as the foundation for data encryption.
Examines “Secret Codes,” one of modern mathematics’ most amazing applications.
Discusses The significance of permutations in many discrete mathematics areas

The book’s capacity to be separated into four reasonably independent sections—an introduction to number systems and analysis; theory of the integers; an introduction to discrete mathematics; and functions, relations, and countability—allows for the building of courses with a variety of points of concentration.”