13 Official ACT Practice Tests | Full-Length & Free

For the ACT, you’ll want to take at least four or five sample practice tests to get a feel for the format. Would you consider running a half-marathon if you hadn’t run at least 10 miles the day before? Most likely not! A practice run allows you to see how well you are prepared for the upcoming race and where you can make improvements. In a similar vein, taking a practice ACT test before your actual ACT test will show you how well prepared you are for the ACT and where you still need to improve your skills.

A full-length practice test will also assist you in understanding the fast-paced nature of the exam, as well as its section structure and the level of endurance required to complete the hour-long exam. You’ve probably never taken a test that required such precise timing and endurance; don’t let test day be your first exposure to this type of testing.

The use of official materials is essential for good practice, and it is one of the most effective ways to replicate test days. Anyone who has done serious test preparation will tell you that these tests rely on exact language, and the difference between a correct and incorrect answer can be as small as a single word. No matter how you prepare for the ACT — whether with a tutor, in a class, or on your own — you must have access to official ACT tests before you can take the test.

Every few years, the American College Test (ACT) is updated. We have compiled a list of all 13 official practice exams for your convenience. They are provided by ACT, Inc. and feature genuine questions given to actual students on prior test dates. They are more accurate than any other resource in that they are more similar to the exam you will take on the day in question.

You should treat each practice test as if it were the actual thing, as this will help you prepare for the real thing. You should print off the test and make your scratch notes right on it. You should complete the test in one sitting and adhere to the time constraints for each section down to the minute. Always keep in mind that you’re preparing your mind and body for the official ACT, and we assure you that all of your preparation will pay off. Wishing you the best of luck!

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