Video Genre: Cryptology

Wind Talkers | Movie | Abakcus


Windtalkers is about two U.S. Marines in World War II assigned to protect Navajo Marines, who use their native language as an unbreakable radio cipher.
Enigma Movie poster


Enigma is an exciting tale of love, espionage, patriotism, and betrayal during World War II. A young genius frantically races against time to crack an enemy code and solve the…
The Bank (2001) | Mathematics Movie | Abakcus

The Bank

Jim Doyle is a mathematical prodigy trying to concoct a way of foreseeing stock market collapses. He’s approached by Centabank CEO Simon O’Reilly, who is eager to co-opt Doyle’s potential…
The Code Conspiracy | Movie | Abakcus

The Code Conspiracy

The Code Conspiracy is an interesting movie. What if a computer disc held a powerful code that could change the world forever? While translating the Dead Sea Scrolls, a professor…
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