The ‘Voice’ of Our Earth

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Our universe is not silent. Although space is a vacuum, that does not mean there is no sound in it. Sound does exist in space in the form of electromagnetic vibrations. Nearly all types of astronomical objects give off some radio radiation. The strongest sources of such emissions are the pulsars, certain nebula, quasars, radio galaxies, etc.

These radio waves can be captured by the specially designed instrument known as the “astronomical interferometer.” This device can convert the radio waves into the frequency within the range of human hearing (20 – 20,000 Hz). Voyager and Hawk-Eye are among many probes that record space sounds.

Can we hear sounds on other planets/moons with any atmosphere? Yes, we can. Since any matter can transmit sound waves, we can listen to sound on Mars, Titan, Venus, or any place with an atmosphere.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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