Qwant: The Search Engine That Doesn’t Know Anything About You

As we are living in the era of the internet, our online presence has become an integral part of our lives. The search engine plays a critical role in retrieving all the information that we require. However, with the rise of advanced technology and increasing privacy concerns, users are approaching a new search engine named Qwant. Unlike other search engines, Qwant aims to provide users with complete privacy and security without any compromise.

Qwant Has No Tracking Policy

Qwant is considered one of the safest search engines to use because it has a no-tracking policy. Qwant does not track users’ search history or collect personal information about their location or device.

Privacy Benefits

Qwant not only has a no-tracking policy, but it also has a stringent privacy policy. Qwant encrypts all the user’s data and does not share it with any third-party websites. Additionally, they do not use personal data to target advertisements like other search engines. They believe in providing users with complete privacy and security benefits.

Search Anonymously

One of the best features of Qwant is that users can search anonymously. Qwant offers a feature called ‘Anonymous Research Mode.’ It allows users to search without leaving any trace on the internet. In this mode, Qwant does not store users’ search history or collect any personal information, making it a perfect tool for users who value their privacy.

Focus On Visuals

Qwant has a unique focus on visuals, unlike other search engines. They are visually appealing and include many images and videos on their search result page. They present information in an easy-to-understand and immersive way to help you find what you’re looking for.

Multi-Lingual Support

Qwant is a search engine that caters to people who speak multiple languages. The search engine is available in various international languages, including German, Spanish, English, Russian, and others. This feature of Qwant makes it a popular choice for people living in different countries and those who speak various languages.

Qwant is an excellent search engine for anyone who values privacy and security. It has features like no tracking, privacy benefits, anonymous research mode, focus on visuals, and multiple language support, making Qwant a reliable choice for anyone looking for a secure search engine.

With Qwant’s strict privacy policy, you can be sure that your searches will not be shared with any third party or used to target ads, making it a compelling choice for any privacy-conscious person. So next time you’re searching for something, consider giving Qwant a try and experience the benefits of a search engine that doesn’t know anything about you.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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