The Three-Fold Translation in The 13th Warrior

YouTube video

The movie “the 13’th warrior” from 1999 features the great Omar Sharif and Antonio Banderas. I like the movie a lot and have seen it a couple of times in the last 20 years. I like it primarily because of the simple story, a caricature of heroism that is almost comic. Not all movies do have to be profound. I think Omar Sharif did a great job, but it led him to retire from acting according to the Wikipedia article. There are nice action scenes, and likable characters play the film. It is relaxing to see good and evil so clearly divided and see one culture helping out the other to fight some evil. There is also some humor as the following counting scene shows. In any way, it is the most epic count to 13 ever. There is also a three-fold translation in these tent scenes: the north men’s dialect is translated to Latin and then to English.