A Tiny Bit of Math in Dr. Zhivago

YouTube video

The classic movie Dr Zhivago features a tiny bit of math. The scene is just a few seconds before Yuri sees Lara the first time. The sound of the Balalaika always accompanies the moments when Lara is close. The movie has grown to one of the greatest of all times.

Also, the original book of Pasternak mentions math a couple of times:

  • Page 50: Shura Shlesinger knew mathematics, esoteric Indian doctrine, the addresses of the best-known teachers at the Moscow Conservatory, living with whom, and God only knows what else. For this reason, she was called in, as arbiter and organizer, on all important life occasions.
  • Pavel Pavlovich had graduated in classics. He taught Latin and ancient history. But from his earlier Realgymnasium days, he had kept a half-forgotten passion for the exact sciences, physics, and mathematics, and it had now suddenly revived in him. Teaching himself at home, he had reached university standard in these subjects and dreamed of taking his degree, specializing in some mathematics branch, and moving with his family to Petersburg.