Movie Genre: Mathmat

Travelling Salesman

The movie is fantastic and quite good mathematically. The movie is about the mathematicians who worked on the Traveling Salesman Problem.

Mathematics in Contagion

A very interesting mathematics scene from the movie Contagion (2011) which is is much in demand these days.

Good Math Components in UFO

There are some pretty good math components in this movie, like prime factorizations, linear equations of one variable, detecting the fine structure constant or coordinates in a signal, some linear…

Quantum Mechanics in Palm Springs

Like in the classic Groundhog Day, there are a few people trapped in a time look. There are a few parallels to groundhog day: it is also a good comedy,…

The Mathematics in Cherry

There is quite a bit of physics literature flashed around in the movie Cherry 2010. The way highly recommends the film. It is difficult to make a movie that mixes…

A Paradox in Catch-22

Catch 22 logic is a paradox coined by Joseph Heller in the 1961 novel of that name: to get out of combat duty, one has to be crazy. But whoever…

Linux Terminals in Skyfall

The following scene of the Bond movie Skyfall from 2012 also features some nice Linux terminals. There are also some cool graph animations.

The Math Inspired End in Annihilation

There is a beautiful end scene of a rather depressing movie. It does not contain math, but it looks a bit like an iterated function system generated. The closest software…
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