Laura is a math teacher/tutor, blogger, and data analyst who has worked in several NY high schools. She has noticed a few theories people have about math, most notably that it sux! Whatever feelings you may have towards the subject she hopes this blog makes life just a little bit easier.  

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Joanne Morgan has been sharing her teaching ideas and resources on her blog, since April 2014. 
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Brain Hayes has been able to spend a lifetime exploring math, science, computing, and technology, then writing about my adventures. His highest ambition is that he might inspire a few…
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Finding Gemstones

The purpose of this math blog is to record some of the particularly beautiful mathematical ideas Marie Gillespie has seen or invented.
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Victor Angelo Blancada’s Blog

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Cathy O’Neil lives in New York City. She hopes to someday have a better answer to the question, “what can a non-academic mathematician do that makes the world a better…
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I Speak Math

Math teacher and blogger Julie Raulbach says that she chose “I Speak Math” because so many students can do the math, but cannot talk the math. She writes about mathematics…
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This is the official blog of the Azimuth Project. You can read about many things here: from math to physics to earth science and biology, computer science and the technologies of…