Martin Aigner

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Van van Waerden’s permanent hypothesis is the subject of a brand-new chapter in this revised and expanded sixth edition of Proofs from THE BOOK, along with additional, fascinating, and highly original proofs in other chapters.

An excerpt from the 2018 “Steele Prize for Mathematical Exposition” citation.

“… It is almost impossible to write a mathematics book that readers of all skill levels and educational backgrounds can read and enjoy, but Aigner and Ziegler pull off this feat of explanation with virtuoso flair. […] By clarifying for non-mathematicians what it is that mathematicians mean when they speak about beauty, this book renders a priceless service to mathematics.

by way of the Reviews

Inside PFTB (Proofs from The Book), intelligent insights and lovely concepts come together astounding and spectacularly, offering a glimpse of mathematical bliss. Its pages are filled with enormous treasures, one jewel after another. Aigner and Ziegler write: “All we provide are the examples we have chosen in the hopes that our readers would share our delight for great concepts, astute observations, and ingenious discoveries.” “I do. … “

AMS notices for August 1999

This book is a pleasure to touch and to look at: it has generous margins, good photos, useful images, and lovely illustrations. It is also enjoyable to read because of the straightforward and amusing style, primary reading level, distinct provision of background information, and excellent proofs.

Newsletter for LMS, January 1999

“Martin Aigner and Günter Ziegler accomplished the task of compiling a large number of theorems and their justifications, which would surely be included in the Book of Erdös, admirably. No matter their area of specialization, every mathematician may profit from reading this book since the theorems are so fundamental, their proofs are so beautiful, and the remaining unresolved topics are so fascinating.”