Ox-Cart Man

Barbara Cooney and Donald Hall

“Caldecott Medal recipient

Thus begins a lyrical journey through one New Englander’s and his family’s days and weeks, months, and changing seasons. The oxcart driver loads his goods: wool from his sheep, a shawl made by his wife, mittens knitted by his daughter, and linen they woven. He brings the birch brooms carved by his son and a bag of goose feathers from the barnyard geese.

He travels through hills, valleys, streams, farms, and villages. He sells his wares at Portsmouth Market one by one, including his beloved ox. Then, with his pockets bulging with coins, he wanders through the market, purchasing provisions for his family before returning home. And so, the cycle continues.

“The stunning combination of text and illustrations recreates the mood of 19th-century rural New England, like a pastoral symphony translated into picture book format.”

—From The Horn Book”