William Dean Brewer

“Jayme Tiomno, who was born in 1920 and passed away in 2011, was widely considered to be one of the most important Brazilian physicists of the 20th century. During his career, he collaborated with a large number of the most well-known physicists of his time, including John Wheeler and Richard Feynman, Eugene Wigner, Chen Ning Yang, David Bohm, and Murray Gell-Mann, Remo Ruffini, Abdus Sala.

This biography tells the story of a devoted scientist and educator from a developing country who made significant contributions to particle physics, gravitation, cosmology, and field theory, as well as to the advancement of science and scientific education in many institutions across Brazil and elsewhere. At times, the story is romantic; at other times, it is discouraging; but ultimately, it is optimistic. The book follows Tiomno’s long life, following his role in the establishment of various research facilities and his struggles during the Brazilian military dictatorship. It draws on unpublished documents from archives in Brazil and the United States as well as private sources. It tells the story of a talented physicist who devoted his entire life to the pursuit of scientific truth, as well as the successes and failures that occurred during the process of advancing science in Brazil and other parts of the world.”