Edward J. Watts

In the world of ancient philosophy, there are many names that come to mind: Socrates, Aristotle, Plato. But there is one name, that of Hypatia, that may not be as well known but is no less important. Edward J. Watts delves into the life and legend of this remarkable woman in his book, “Hypatia: The Life and Legend of an Ancient Philosopher.” A scholar and mathematician during a time when women were not typically given the same opportunities as men, Hypatia was one of the few female philosophers of her era. She was a teacher, a thinker, and a symbol of female empowerment. But her life also ended tragically, as she was brutally murdered by a mob for her beliefs. Through his meticulous research and engaging writing, Watts brings Hypatia’s story to life and sheds light on a fascinating and important figure in ancient history.