Alexander Semenov’s Stunning Photos of Little Known Deep-Sea Creatures

We know more about space than the deep ocean. According to scientists, although they have discovered more than 236,000 deep-sea creatures species, there are still three million unknown species that live somewhere in the depths of oceans. In other words, 90-92% of sea creatures have not been seen by humans.

Alexander Semenov is an exceptional underwater photographer. He makes us see life underwater. He has been capturing the beauty of little knows sea creature through his lens. He calls these creatures ‘Sea Angels.’ He proves that an astonishing number of exciting things go on underwater.

Last year, he gave an interview to “My Modern Met” and said:

“There are hundreds of thousands of absolutely incredible creatures in the World Ocean that keep surprising even the most experienced marine biologists. The ocean is a parallel universe, another world inhabited by amazing creatures. Many of these creatures are so gentle and ephemeral that even a single touch can be the last event in their lives. It’s extremely difficult and sometimes just impossible to study them in the lab.”

We have curated some of his best photography of these deep-sea angels. To see Semenov’s amazing work, just scroll down a bit. To see more, you should check his website.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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