9 Astonishing Contemporary Philosophy Books from Princeton University Press

Since 1905, Princeton University Press has operated as a non-profit publishing house with strong ties to Princeton University’s academic community. They promote scholarly ideas around the world and publish peer-reviewed publications that bring together authors and readers from various fields of knowledge to promote and deepen the global dialogue. In our publishing, we adhere to the highest standards of scholarly excellence, inclusion, and cultural diversity. Princeton University Press publishes for scholars, students, and active readers around the world, intending to serve the nation and the world due to its work.

‘Princeton Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy’ is a new list released by Princeton University Press, and it is available online. There are nine great books in the collection, ranging from the philosophy of mathematics to the philosophy of language. These state-of-the-art volumes on important active research areas in contemporary philosophy are intended to give high-level introductions for students and new perspectives for academics in their respective fields of study. Leading experts in their respective subjects write these astounding philosophical books. These works present new, unified perspectives of their subjects, ranging from their recent history and major themes to their most exciting new developments and most significant outstanding questions.

We feel that lifelong learners should look at these philosophy books. That’s why we’ve curated this collection for you!


Alexis G. Burgess and John P. Burgess
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