Badlans National Park

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Badlands is the culmination of several weeks spent filming in the rugged Badlands of South Dakota. Situated in the heart of the Northern Great Plains, Badlands National Park spans 244,000 acres of spectacular landscapes, diverse wildlife, and the largest undisturbed mixed grass prairie in the United States. Journey with More Than Just Parks to discover the land where bison still roam, and towers rise from the prairie in dazzling formations. This is the Badlands. Filmed in stunning UHD 8K. More Than Just Parks’team chose to film Badlands National Park in May to capture the park offseason before temperatures and crowd sizes rise. The Badlands features a surprising amount of wildlife, including bison, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, coyotes, prairie dogs, western meadowlarks, burrowing owls, and more.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

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