Rain Man

Most of us were probably unfamiliar with the concept of “autism” until the movie “Rainman.” Here’s to “Rain Man,” a classic where the amazing duo Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise play two opposing brothers who give a great duo performance.

The film tells the dramatic but funny adventures of Charlie, who lives a worldly life in Los Angeles, and Raymond, who has a different illness. Tramp Charlie dreams of taking advantage of the $3 million inheritance after the death of his estranged father for years. However, his father, who left him only a 1949 Buick, left the entire fortune to his older brother Raymond, whose existence Charlie was unaware of before. An important detail is that Raymond is an autistic genius who needs care.

The materialist Charlie does not intend to give up at least part of the inheritance. For this, he kidnaps Raymond from his clinic and takes him on a nationwide trip. Along the way, she is infuriated by her older brother’s life-threatening habits. Still, she is often stunned by the autistic man’s superhuman abilities in math and memory. Ultimately, he tries to cheat by taking advantage of a talent rare in Las Vegas casinos. Along the way, Charlie will find an opportunity to discover not just Raymond but a piece of his past and maybe even himself.