Hiroshi Yuki

Imagine a group of high school students coming together to explore pure math for the sheer love of it. They aren’t part of any organized program or competition – they simply share a passion for math that goes beyond their textbooks. This is the beauty and fascination of “Math Girls” by Hiroshi Yuki, a novel that will captivate young people interested in math.

In the book, the unnamed narrator reflects on his first day of high school, dreading the introductions. But then, he encounters a girl standing under a cherry tree, immersed in the beauty of the blossoms. Little did he know that this encounter would be the start of an incredible friendship with Miruka, a brilliant math prodigy, and Tetra, a curious and enthusiastic learner.

At first, the friendships are separate and competitive, with Miruka appearing superior in math and Tetra struggling to catch up. However, through a unique math problem, Tetra earns Miruka’s respect, and the trio becomes inseparable.

Throughout the book, readers are introduced to various mathematical concepts, from Fibonacci numbers to complex numbers, De Moivre’s formula, and calculus. And while the translation of the book required careful attention, the essence and charm of the story remain intact.

But “Math Girls” is not just about math. It’s a reminder that true learning comes from following your passion, regardless of what school may dictate. As Hiroshi Yuki wisely said, “If you’re learning something because you enjoy it, you can’t let something like school hold you back.” This sentiment encapsulates the spirit of Math Girls, providing food for thought and inspiration for students who yearn to delve deeper into their passions.