Dr. Eve M. Vavagiakis

Before you read this sentence, trillions of neutrinos will pass through your body. Not sure what a neutrino is? Get an up-close-and-personal introduction in this dazzling picture book from MIT Kids Press, I am a Neutrino: Tiny Particles in a Big Universe, told in lilting rhyme from the neutrino’s point of view and filled with mind-bending, full-bleed illustrations that swirl and splash the cosmos to life.

Some of the smallest bits of matter known to exist—and they exist everywhere—neutrinos inspire cutting-edge and Nobel Prize–winning research.

Here, playful text and watercolor illustrations blended with photographs distill the concept of these mysterious particles down to their essence. “Know Your Neutrinos” end notes provide context for each spread, amplifying the science and making complex astrophysics and physics concepts approachable.

This indispensable STEM title urges children to dream of contributing to their discoveries.