Jules Verne

“Unabridged edition translated by Louis Mercier, featuring the original cover and 80 black-and-white images. includes the follow-up The Round Trip It
Eighty photographs from the 1874 English edition are included in this lovely version. To contrast this edition with others, use Amazon’s Look Inside feature. You’ll be astounded by the variations. Don’t be misled by other editions that lack artwork or have a print that is very small. After reading our issue, you’ll feel as though you are visiting the Moon. Do not forget to provide a review if you enjoy our book!

Jules Verne wrote the book From the Earth to the Moon in 1865. This volume includes both the book and his follow-up, A Trip Round It. It tells the story of the Baltimore Gun Club, a post-American Civil War society of weapons enthusiasts, and their attempts to build an enormous Columbiad cannon and launch three people—the Gun Club’s president, his Philadelphian armor-making rival, and a French poet—in a projectile with the goal of a moon landing. Verne’s calculations regarding the cannon’s specifications and his understanding of what would occur during such a trip are throughout the book. When astronauts set foot on the Moon 100 years later, his dream was at last fulfilled.”