John Whitney

Dust jacket notes: “John Whitney’s reputation for leadership with computer graphics in visual art has centered upon the centuries old idea (impossible before computer graphics) of ‘an art that should look like music sounds.’ His unique films demonstrate to the eye that dissonance resolves to consonant patterns of motion. The laws of harmonic motion that underpin all music are visible for the first time in these films. The crucial function in music of harmony’s charge and discharge of tensional forces in chordal and tonal sequence is now matched exactly in the visual world. A theoretical basis for this discovery is outlined in the chapters of this book. The book also includes a description of his computer and peripherals, and the film techniques he uses, as well as listings of programs and descriptions sufficient for anyone beginning to explore this interesting new art field. The unprecedented discovery of a matching world of harmony in the visual domain foretells a vast new field of exploration for the composer. It promises to transform future small computers into an ideal instrument for creating compositions of aural/visual art. This is an art form characterized by Whitney’s application of the word ‘complementarity’ to describe a new interrelation of sound to image. Here is a lively art for the videodisc medium. It may revolutionize an important segment of the worlds of art and entertainment….’