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Whales are beautiful animal and they almost synonymous with bigness. However, why do whales always get so big?…
If you want to supercharge your learning and become smarter, the Feynman Technique might just be the best way to learn absolutely anything….
Teaching children to care about others might be the best way to prepare them for a successful and fulfilling life….
Scrolling may work for social media, but experts say that for school assignments, kids learn better if they slow down their reading….
This article is about the inventor, Nicola Tesla’s vision of a global wireless-transmission tower proved to be his undoing….
Francis Thompson and his wife had 12 children. All 12 of his kids have college degrees and they as parents did not pay for it. Here is how?…
Pasta by Design is a beautiful book. Fred Huergo finds a way to bring some equations into C4D, and got beautiful 3D geometric pasta shapes….
Honeybees are the greatest geometers. They have known what human mathematicians didn’t know for thousands of years….
Strogatz talks about mathematics, technology, and education with Patrick Honner, a math teacher at Brooklyn Technical High School….
Do you want to learn the science behind your favorite sauce, ketchup? If yes, you should read H. Joachim Schlichting’s longread. …
From Fortran to, these advances in programming and platforms sent biology, climate science and physics into warp speed….
Balanced rocks are nature’s hilarious accidents. Almost every scientist falls in love with precariously balanced rocks and researches them….
Applications of calculus in real life is really essential to teach abstract math and make kids love mathematics….
Po-Shen Loh is the US math team coach. Quanta Magazine recently spoke with Loh about his approach to coaching….
This article is an introduction to topology to show the relationships among the properties of flexible shapes have fascinated mathematicians….
Sherlock was a genius. But was he good at math? To learn that, check out the article about his problem with bicycle tracks….