To Scale: The Solar System

Any view of the solar system appears to show that everything is quite close together – the moon appears to be an inch or two away from the Earth, Mars seems to be little more than an inch away from the moon, and so on. However, signs and web pages conceal reality: things are a long way away from where they appear.

To provide Earthlings with a fresh perspective on the universe, filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh travel to the Black Rock Desert to construct the world’s first to-scale replica of the solar system in a bid to give them a new perspective on the universe. A marble-sized Earth and seven miles of free space to work with, Overstreet, Gorosh, and a few friends start on a unique scientific project, producing something that only 24 people in the history of humankind have ever seen: a perspective view of the solar system, scaled. The result is a perspective view of the solar system, scaled.

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