The Hardest Geometry Question in Rushmore

The hardest geometry question in Rushmore is one of my favorite scene ever! Rushmore is a rather quirky but interesting movie that came out in 1998. It’s one of the best Wes Anderson movies ever! In the opening scene, the main character, Max Fischer, asks his teacher about a math problem written on the board. His teacher says he put the question on the board as a joke because it is the hardest geometry problem ever. He also says that if anyone in the class could solve that problem, none of his students would ever have to open another math book again for the rest of their lives. Then Max Fischer gives it a try and solves it!

However, the problem that Max Fischers works on is not the hardest geometry question ever! It is just computing the area of an ellipse! And all of the scenes are Max Fischer’s dream; he solves an unsolved question and becomes the popular guy at his school!

There is also a funny meme about the area of an ellipse! You can check it out here.

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