Haleakala National Park

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Haleakala is the culmination of several weeks and multiple trips to the remote outer reaches of the island of Maui in the Central Pacific. In this journey to the house of the sun, you discover ancient volcanoes steeped in legend, rugged mountains, dense rainforests, hidden beaches, underwater worlds, and the last wild home to spectacular wildlife. Haleakala is only one of six “tropical” national parks, and the others are Virgin Islands, Key Biscayne, American Samoa, Dry Tortugas, & Hawai’i Volcanoes. Haleakala is unique because of its mix of ancient volcanic features in Haleakala Crater & its rugged, tropical coastline. The park’s two standout locations are Haleakala Crater, which features one of the most beautiful (and famous) sunrises in the entire National Park System, and the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls, one of the most important popular beautiful hikes in the whole system.

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