Google Docs

Google Docs is an extremely useful tool for any writer. With its ability to allow multiple people to collaborate on a project in real time, it helps save time and energy. It also allows documents to be saved online with automatic backups, meaning the user never has to worry about losing their work due to computer malfunction or accidental deletion.

Additionally, those who use documents outside of their home can easily access them by signing in to Google where ever they go. Allowing writers to organize projects into folders and quickly search for what they need makes Google Docs even more efficient. Google Docs is an excellent choice for writers looking for a convenient, easy-to-use tool to back up their creative work.

Finally, the share settings in Google Docs can be adjusted to suit each writer’s needs, whether they want only view-only access, commenting ability, full access that includes editing capability, or restricted sharing by email address for additional privacy measures.

Ali Kaya


Ali Kaya

This is Ali. Bespectacled and mustachioed father, math blogger, and soccer player. I also do consult for global math and science startups.



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