Dropmark is a cool app that you can put all your stuff in one simple, visual place. It is completely private and 100% ad free. You can easily organize links, photos, videos, documents, audio, and text notes into visual collections. You can control the privacy and keep your content to yourself, invite colleagues, or you can go public. Each collection has its own sharable short link and accessible on the web.

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You can find out what time it is now anywhere in the world by visiting Time.is.It is a practical solution for making online calls with people worldwide.

City Roads

This website allows you to select a city and then draws every single road on a screen to visualize all city roads within any city.
Nirvana | Productivity Tools for Students | Abakcus


Nirvana is a to-do app meticulously designed to help you capture, clarify, organize, reflect and engage with intent everywhere life happens.