Have you ever worked on a puzzle that didn’t have a starting point or a conclusion? Find yourself in a never-ending galaxy with the Cosmic Cliffs Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, which features one of the first photos ever captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. This problem combines two types of cuts, our traditional Maze cut and our recent Wave cut.

A brand new category of a jigsaw puzzle dubbed the “Infinity Puzzle” features pieces that tile continuously. It does not have a predetermined form and can be combined in an infinite number of distinct configurations.

When the Nervous System team saw the fresh photographs that the James Webb Space Telescope had captured, they immediately created the Cosmic Cliffs Infinite Galaxy Puzzle. These breathtaking photographs reveal hitherto undiscovered regions of the universe and can even travel back more than 13 billion years in time. The image of the Cosmic Cliffs provides us with new information regarding the formation of stars by revealing regions that show the birth of stars. Discover the universe’s secrets while piecing together the enigma in various ways. In addition to that, the puzzle includes some unique whimsy pieces with a space theme.