Graphing calculators are essential for students taking high school or college math courses. The Casio fx-9860GII is one of the more popular options in the market, known for its easy-to-use interface and logical button layout. But is it the right calculator for you? In this post, I will be taking a closer look at the features and limitations of the Casio fx-9860GII graphing calculator.

The Casio fx-9860GII is a reliable and straightforward graphing calculator that comes with all the necessary features, without overwhelming users with too many extras. Its menu is displayed in a small strip at the bottom of the screen, making it a bit hard to locate some options. However, once you get familiar with its navigation, you will find it user-friendly. Basic apps like graphing, finance, and geometry are available, with graphing being one of its standout features. The calculator can quickly plot multiple equations, making it an excellent tool for anyone who works with functions.

If you are someone who likes to program, then you’re in luck. The Casio fx-9860GII offers a programming feature through a basic language. However, its menus can be a bit cumbersome to navigate for those unfamiliar with programming languages. While it may require a bit of patience to learn, once you do, you are sure to find the calculator offers up new possibilities.

When it comes to build quality, the Casio fx-9860GII is a solid machine. However, it does have its limitations. The calculator uses AAA batteries, which can add bulk to the device, making it a bit heavier than some of its competitors. Nonetheless, the backlit screen is a nice feature that makes it easy to work in low light conditions.

The Casio fx-9860GII is an excellent graphing calculator that performs all necessary high school functions and is a good value for the price. There are some limitations that trade off for its low cost, including menu and battery life limitations and dated screen technology. All in all, the Casio fx-9860GII is a reliable choice for anyone who needs a graphing calculator for high school math courses or anyone who wants to explore simple programming concepts.