Speaking Tangentially

Mathematics, Science
A series of talks and lectures from Oxford Mathematicians exploring the power and beauty of their subject. These talks would appeal to anyone interested in mathematics and its ever-growing range of applications from medicine to economics and beyond.
Speaking Tangentially
Season Finale: What is a Math Person?

For this final episode, Cecelia calls some of her friends and family to talk about what it means to be a “math person.” This lineup of special guests includes: “Diameter” Daisy, “Mathematics” Mimi, “Hexagon Hunton, “Median” Meredith, “Macro” Miranda, “Maximum” Max, “Arccot/Addition” Anna, and “Denominator” Doug. With ages ranging from 18 to 86 years old, there’s a multitude of experience and opinions of the guests to be heard. 

Season Finale: What is a Math Person?
High School: Finishing Up Senior Year Online
High School: A Little Bit About the Host
Numbers: Googols and Googolplexes
High School: To Math or Not To Math
College: Building Blocks
College: Matrices and Water Engineering
College: Calculus and Cosines
The Real World: Mom & Paul Verlaine

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28 Oct 2019

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15 min

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