If you’re looking for a movie that will make your heart swell with emotion, give you a few laughs, and inspire you to think more deeply about math, then Gifted is the perfect movie for you. This 2017 family drama tells the story of Frank Adler (Chris Evans), a single man raising his 7-year-old niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) in Florida. When Mary’s remarkable mathematical abilities come to light, Frank must grapple with his formidable mother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), who has plans for Mary’s future.

The Conflict of Gifted

Gifted blends many themes—family, education, and math—to create an incredibly humanistic story. The conflict between Frank and Evelyn is central to the film as they both have opposing views on how best to raise Mary. While Frank wants Mary to grow up as normally as possible, Evelyn believes she should be groomed for greatness in mathematics since she has such a remarkable gift. As the two battle it out, viewers are treated to some truly heartwarming scenes between Frank and Mary that showcase their close bond while also highlighting the complexities involved in parenting children with incredible talents.

The Power of Math in Gifted

Aside from its emotional core, Gifted also succeeds in conveying the power of mathematics through its characters. From the brilliant minds of mathematicians like Dr. Nancy Smith (Octavia Spencer) to the curious brilliance of young Mary herself, viewers get a glimpse at what an incredible force math can be when wielded correctly. Though this movie isn’t meant to be a love letter to math per se, it definitely does succeed in showing how math can bring people together and help shape lives for the better.

Gifted is an excellent family drama that delves into complex issues like parenthood and mathematics without ever feeling heavy-handed or preachy. It provides emotional depth without sacrificing entertainment value or becoming too sentimentalized. In addition to being highly entertaining, Gifted also offers audiences plenty of food for thought regarding parenting gifted children and how powerful mathematics can be when used properly. Whether you’re looking for inspiring entertainment or want something fun to watch with your loved ones, Gifted is worth checking out!