Movie Genre: Geniuses

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Searching for Bobby Fischer

Searching for Bobby Fischer is a famous but unlikable Bobby Fischer. After he beats his dad in a chess match, Josh Waitzkin, a 7-year-old, gets noticed for his talent. He…
mr. turner poster

Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner brings to the screen the travels, content of his art, and social environment of Turner, one of the most popular artists of the 19th century who was one…
Hidden Figures movie poster

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is a powerful and inspiring movie about the African American female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the Space Race. This film demonstrates that you can accomplish anything…
Einstein and Eddington movie poster

Einstein and Eddington

Einstein and Eddington is a single British drama that features David Tennant as British scientist Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington and Andy Serkis as Albert Einstein. This drama is about the…
A Beautiful Mind (2001) | Mathematics Movie | Abakcus

A Beautiful Mind

“A Beautiful Mind” is an incredibly emotional movie based on the life of mathematician John Nash who teeters back and forth between genius and schizophrenic. First and foremost, you must know…
theory of everything movie poster

The Theory of Everything

First of all, the Theory of Everything is good. Eddie Redmayne, who brings Stephen Hawking to life, has done a marvelous job. He was so good, in fact, that in…
i q movie poster


Catherine Boyd is a highly intelligent doctoral student at Princeton University and is engaged to stuffy Professor James Moreland. Ed Walters, a mechanic and all-around regular guy, fall for Catherine…
Enigma Movie poster


Enigma is an exciting tale of love, espionage, patriotism, and betrayal during World War II. A young genius frantically races against time to crack an enemy code and solve the…
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