Escher: Journey Into Infinity

JOURNEY INTO INFINITY is a portrait of the Dutch artist, M.C Escher, and an exploration of his wide influence on modern art world-wide and the inspiration he provided for musicians and popular culture today. The film is narrated by Stephen Fry, in Escher’s own words. The writer-director is the highly regarded, award-winning Dutch filmmaker, Robin Lutz.

The film is based on more than 1000 letters, dairies and lectures that Escher wrote during his lifetime. We hear him speak in his own words, about his life, his fears, doubts, politics and work. The film travels to sites that were major inspirations for him.

Two of Escher’s sons, George (aged 92) and Jan (80) reminisce about their parents. Additionally musician Graham Nash (from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) talks about Escher’s rediscovery in the 70s.

The film looks at Escher’s legacy and how his work even today inspires comic strips, advertising graphics, movies and video art. His work draws massive crowds worldwide to exhibitions of his art.

Ali Kaya


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